The Great Depression: Funemployment.

I majored in Economics so I’m fairly familiar with the term Great Depression. But let me talk about the great depression of the other kind. The kind where you can’t find the motivation to crawl out of bed, the kind where you’re mood and reaction to everything is “meh”, the kind that zaps away your interest in your existing hobbies and the kind that makes you in an internal battle with your own mind.

I was reading an article about being unemployed while having depression and it reminded me of where I was a few months back but it also reminded me how blessed I am for everything to work out in the end.

Here’s my two cents on (fun)employment and depression.

Not having a source of income sucks balls. Even more so when you’re burning through your savings paying for your shrinks.

But how do you even get the energy to look for a job when the only question that overwhelms your mind is “what’s the point?”

I have a few friends you recently graduated from college and seeked some job hunting advise from me. While I’m sure not a HR expert but the only piece of advice that I offered came from a place of experience. And that is: take your time.

Seriously. Take your time.

I knew I couldn’t rush back to job hunting with my nerves and emotions all over the place. I knew I needed time to lick my wounds. So I let myself wallow.

While allowing yourself to wallow can be healing, it’s good to set a realistic timeline on when you plan to get back on that job hunting horse. Personally, I gave myself two months.

Sometimes, you need a helping hand to help you get back on your feet. Therapist and anti-depressants aside, I was thankful for a great support system of friends who never judged me for being unemployed and were the best company when it came to talking to companies at career fairs.

I know that when you’re depressed its really tough to see things through a glass half full perspective but having an objective plays a really important goal when it came to getting better, well at least for me.

The feeling of wanting something to just go right in your life was there too. And I knew the risks of getting back into the job hunting scene. I knew rejection was going to be a bitch. And I must admit, at first, I couldn’t handle it. I thought to myself “I cannot handle any more bad things happening to me. I will break.” And break I did.

I couldn’t handle waiting for weeks for a company to get back to me about their decision only to find out they were never gonna get back to me in the first place. I couldn’t handle the thought of going to another career fair only to fail. My anxiety peaked again and I was terrified to resume job hunting.

But you know the saying, you gotta “keep on keeping on”. And kept on I did.

Finding a job when you are going through clinical depression is even more tough than the usual job hunting because you’re battling your own worst enemy; yourself along with the usual anxieties that are part and parcel of looking for a job.

And once you get a job, it’s going to be the most rewarding feeling. And you’ll thank yourself for preserving through.

You got this, fam!


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