Cakar Ayam started within the confines of my scrapbook in August of 2016. Now my scrapbook content has a new home, here.

Cakar Ayam, if directly translated from Malay means “scratch chicken” while it is an idiom which means horrible handwriting or scribbling (picture chicken scratches).

Rest assured, my hand writing is 100% readable and hey, this is an online blog with fancy ass fonts.

My blog will include throwback contents from my “Word Vomit” scrapbook, previously written essays (rather rants) from my Tumblr, random quotes that often inspire my Instagram captions as well as other random musings.

As a person churning out such content, my biggest vice in life is entering bookstores and buying books although I have stacks of unread ones. Learning about species getting crossed off the extinction list makes me genuinely happy, aside from my twenty something year old bantal busuk, of course.

-Mariah J.