When Tinder Presented a Moral Dilemma.

When I downloaded the Tinder app in my final semester, I thought I reached a new low. But when literally everyone around you is in a relationship (even those who’ve sworn against marriage) are happy texting away their significant others, you start to wonder WHEN THE FUCK IS MY TURN.

Hence, I became a Tinder user.

I thought I reached a new low. I questioned how desperate I was. I questioned everything. I questioned whether I was putting my self-worth on a decision of someone swiping left or swiping right.

Tinder meme

Image source: yours truly, meme Mariah

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Why Do We Say “I’m Sorry for Your Loss?”

When I went on a marathon of interviews in the final week of May, there was one question I dreaded. And no, it wasn’t the “tell me about yourself” or the “where do you see yourself in five years” or even the “what is your weakness?” inquiry.

Though through interviews I found out my weakness. I found out that I was always in a state of unease and debate whenever the question of family popped up. Questions like “so do you live with your family?” is one instance but the one question I dread the most is “so what do your parents do? Are they still working? Are they retired?” Continue Reading

Identifying Maladaptive Behavior: How I Acknowledged Mine as a Football Fan.

I first heard the term maladaptive behavior during my first therapy session. My therapist claims I have maladaptive behavior after I told her about my first semester at university, abroad *shudders*. Back in my first semester at State, I found it hard to find a sense of belonging, it took me awhile to find a group of friends, fellow club members and part-time work colleagues who made me feel loved and appreciated.

To me, maladaptive behaviour means the inability to adapt to something foreign. Well, like all of other things, Wikipedia has a more in depth definition which you can find here.

I recently realized I practice maladaptive behavior as a football fan.

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Excuse Me, I’m Allowed to Fangirl (and You’re Allowed to Judge).

The term “Fangirl” has a lot of negative connotations attached to it. Google the word and it comes out as a noun which says:

  1. a female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, movies, music, or science fiction.

The verb definition however, can explain why some may frown upon the term:

  1. (of a female fan) behave in an obsessive or overexcited way.

This got me wondering, is being overly excited and obsessive a bad thing? How is this term so different from someone who claims themselves to be an enthusiast or an expert? Aren’t those folks obsessive in some way too?

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